Terms of use of the app 'Crisis Information Translated'


1 Generalities

'Crisis information translated' is an app of the Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering (Social and Civic Integration Agency). By using this app, you agree to the present terms of use. Do not use the app if you do not agree to these terms.

2 App Content and Liability

'Crisis information translated' ensures that language is not an obstacle in times of crisis. The multilingual app informs foreign-language speakers of the current crisis measures in their own language.

The Social and Civic Integration Agency pays a lot of attention and care to the app, striving to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, understandable, accurate and up to date as possible. However, all information, translations, icons, etc. available within or by means of this app are provided without any commitment and the Social and Civic Integration Agency cannot be held responsible nor liable for any damages resulting from inaccuracies and / or incompleteness of the app.

The app content is a compilation of the current corona measures that apply in Belgium. The measures listed were established by the federal crisis centre. The most recent corona measures can be found on: https://www.info-coronavirus.be. Check your municipality's website for the latest local measures. Are you looking for specific information on the corona measures and you cannot find it in this app? Please contact the federal call centre on 0800 14689. 

The app also contains updated information on the vaccination strategy of the Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid. (Agency for Care and Health). The most recent vaccination information can be found on: https://www.laatjevaccineren.be. The information provided in the app is of a general nature and not adapted to individual, specific, or medical situations.

The app is not intended to provide legal, medical, or other professional advice. The Social and Civic Integration Agency reserves the right to add, modify or remove information at any time without prior notice.

3 The Language Act

The multilingual information presented will always be translated from Dutch, as provided for by the Language Act. Therefore, the information is purely a translation of the Dutch text. No more, no less nor different information is given in the foreign language than in Dutch. Users can also switch to Dutch at any time.

The particular goal of:

Providing updated and correct health information to foreign-language speakers
Raising awareness among foreign-language speakers of the existence of vaccination services
justifies the use of multiple languages.

Learning Dutch is an important part of integration enhancement. That is why the app also provides the users with information on learning Dutch.

More information on multilingualism in government communication in the Language Act: https://www.vlaanderen.be/taalwetwijzer/gevallen-van-meertaligheid-bij-overheidscommunicatie

4 Data Storage

The Social and Civic Integration Agency attaches great importance to protecting your privacy. To make the app as accessible as possible it is entirely at your disposal without any need to process personal data of the user. This means no login procedure is required when starting the app. Thus, use of the app is entirely anonymous.

When you are using the app, it collects information such as the language preference you set. The Social and Civic Integration Agency collects this information exclusively for statistical analysis of the app and use of the app, in order to refine alignment of the information and services presented to the needs of the users.

5 Information on your Device

When you download the app, it automatically adopts your device's language preference setting. The app does this so you can easily find your way in the app without any language barriers. You can manually change your language preference setting at any time.

6 Links in the app

The app may from time to time contain links to and from partner websites. If you follow a link to one of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that the Social and Civic Integration Agency will not accept any responsibility nor liability for their policies. Please check their policies and any relevant terms of service before sharing any personal information with these websites. We cannot be held responsible for the content of other websites or services.

7 Sharing Messages from the app

All information in the app can be shared (via social media, WhatsApp, SMS, email). The app does not track any data about you or your contacts during that process.

8 User Commitments

When accessing and using the app, you explicitly agree to:

Not disrupt the optimal operation and security of the app, for example by introducing viruses or other harmful files or data or by accessing files or data you normally would not have access to.
Not supplement, modify, replace, or improve, partly or entirely, the information shown in the app.
Not use the app for illegal or harmful purposes.
You can ask questions and contact the Social and Civic Integration Agency on CIT@integratie-inburgering.be.

If you think something is wrong with the app, please report it to: CIT@integratie-inburgering.be. You can also submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority: https://www.gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit.be.

9 Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The information, including all translations, texts, photographs, illustrations and other graphic material, logos and software made accessible via the app are the property of the Social and Civic Integration Agency.

The information is protected by copyright, database law, trademark law or other intellectual property right regulations. The information cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

Nothing contained in this app should be construed as granting an explicit or tacit license to use any intellectual property right, except as and to the extent provided in the present terms.

10 Accessibility

The Social and Civic Integration Agency strives to make the app accessible to as many people as possible. Should you, nevertheless, encounter a technical or practical problem, do not hesitate to contact us at CIT@integratie-inburgering.be.

11 Development Partners 

This app was developed in collaboration with:

Apyx (app development)
Cronos group (support)
DXC (api development)
Little miss robot (design)
Mendix (app platform)
Microsoft (support)

12 What is the Social and Civic Integration Agency?

The Social and Civic Integration Agency is a private-law external independent agency, established by the Flemish Government decision of 22 November 2013, the statutes of which were deposited at the registry on 16 December 2013 (Belgian Official Journal of 30 December 2013). The enterprise number is BE0543.307.391.

The Social and Civic Integration Agency has the statutory goal of supporting, stimulating and advising the Flemish Social and Civic integration policy, in accordance with the Decree of 7 June 2013.

Until 31 December 2014 the social and civic integration policy was implemented by fifteen non-profit organizations and provincial services, which received operating subsidies from the Agentschap voor Binnenlands Bestuur (Internal Governance Agency). On 1 October 2015, the five provincial Houses of Dutch were integrated in the Social and Civic Integration Agency. Providing services regarding Dutch to foreign‑language speakers was added to its tasks.

12.1 Operational Area and Seats

The operational area of the Social and Civic Integration Agency consists of the bilingual Brussels-Capital region and the entire Dutch language area, except for the city territories of Antwerp and Ghent.

For the purpose of low-threshold operation and regional coverage, the Social and Civic Integration Agency ensures - in pursuance of Article 19, 7° of the Decree of 7 June 2013 - the presence of sufficient local and regional seats.

The Social and Civic Integration Agency operates in six regions:

Antwerp (except for the city of Antwerp)
Brussels-Capital Region
East Flanders (except for the city of Ghent)
Vlaams Brabant
West Flanders
The head office is located in Brussels (Havenlaan 86 C - box 212, 1000 Brussels).

12.2 Policy Framework

The policy framework of the Social and Civic Integration Agency is determined by:

The Decree of 7 June 2013 regarding the Flemish social and civic integration policy (and all amendments to this Decree).
The Flemish Government decision of 21 March 2014 allocating tasks and core tasks to a local government as stated in Article 25, §1, first indent, 1° of the Decree of 7 June regarding the Flemish social and civic integration policy.

12.3 What do we do?

The Social and Civic Integration Agency is committed to a society where origin is not a determining factor. This requires efforts. From everyone. That is why the Social and Civic Integration Agency supports local authorities, organisations, and citizens to better deal with the challenges of migration.

How? By providing a high-quality range of services regarding civic integration, learning Dutch, social integration, immigration law and international family law, community interpreting and translating.

12.4 General Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

The Social and Civic Integration Agency's general disclaimer: https://www.integratie-inburgering.be/nl/disclaimer
The Social and Civic Integration Agency's general privacy policy: https://www.integratie-inburgering.be/nl/privacy

13 Dispute

These terms of use are governed by Belgian law and each of us may initiate legal proceedings in the Brussels courts regarding any dispute arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions.

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