We provide the free integration programme in about 20 languages. The courses are taught at different locations and at different times. We take your work and your family situation into account. At the end, you will receive an integration certificate. This can help you with you application for Belgian citizenship. With the certificate you also have a better chance of finding a job quickly.

We speak your language, or we will look for an interpreter. We make time for you and listen to your story. 

An integration programme consists of:


We would like to get to know you better in order to help you as best we can. During an intake meeting we will therefore ask questions about your expectations, language skills, highest obtained diploma,... so that we can present a suitable proposal.

Individual counselling

Starting from your plans for the future, we will find out how we can realise them together. Your counsellor also looks at what your needs are, which courses you want to take, whether you need childcare,... If you have a diploma, we will find out whether it can be acknowledged... If you have special questions, your counsellor can refer you to the appropriate services

Social orientation course

During this course - also known as the integration or citizenship course - you will learn many useful things about life in Belgium: the labour market, housing, healthcare, transport, education for your children, Belgian customs and traditions, your rights and obligations... You participate in group excursions, meet other people, and acquire all kinds of skills. This course takes approximately 60 hours. You take it in your native language or in a language you understand well.

Integration courses are taught in different locations and at different times. At the end, you will receive an integration certificate. It can help you with your application for Belgian citizenship or to find a job faster. Together, we will find out which course is most suitable for you. View the dates or contact us for more info.

Basis Dutch language course

Language skills are very important when living in Belgium. Languages are very useful in your job search and in the contacts with your children's school. That is why we will help you get started to learn Dutch. We do so in collaboration with Huis van het Nederlands Brussel. Together with them, we will find out where and when you can take a course. 

Workshops and counselling on work, training and leisure

You want to work on your future. bon organises workshops, information sessions and counselling on various topics. We will see if you are interested in voluntary work, sports, culture or club life in Brussels.

For who?

Anyone born abroad, over 18 years of age (*) and living in Brussels is eligible to participate in the integration programme. Sign up or contact us for more information.

(*) We also have a custom programme fit for minors.

The next free integration course in English starts 07/03/2022.